The Kings Princess

A story based on Biblical history and reality.

Beit Israel a precious princes left her Husbands Kingdom.
Beautiful she was, she desired silver and gold.

Divorced for her disloyalty and exiled; Her heart sought after foreign nations and kingdoms, who offered her precious jewelry and taught her to bow down for wood and gold stone.

She sought after their wealth; sold her soul and her heart became stone.

Her royalty was turned into shame and she was left stranded in a identity crisis.       Her lovers where nowhere to be found.

Empty, tired and frustrated finding herself alone trying to find somewhere she fitted in, like a wanderer forgotten, who she belonged to.

Captured by bandits, she was forced to follow strange doctrines who taught her freedom yet blinded her eyes.

After many years a Shofar was heard and her heart gave ear to Life.

She stood on her feed, traumatized by her oppressors she could not see; though she heard.

Messengers where searching for her worldwide, to proclaim her redemption.
her King had not given up on her, His anger was gone.

Though doubtful and blinded she recognizes his voice;
fighting her blindness she started recognizing the Truth and regained her dignity repenting from her evil ways she had walked.

His messengers brought her a message;
Rejoice! The Kings kingdom is at hand, He renounced ”you are mine”, He will not remember your unfaithfulness; Love him with all your heart and follow his commands, so you will Live.
He had given His live for you, to redeem you from your iniquity against him.

Be ready because we are uncertain when he is returning to bring you to his Palace.

House (Beit) of Israel is another word for the Northern kingdom (10 tribes) who never returned legally to the Land of Israel. They where scattered for their unfaithfulness towards the King. This Present day many of them(Like the sand of the Sea) are still living in Captivity; many not knowing their identity.

Many of them are converted to the Religions of this earth. Yet today many of them are waking up in their Heart, searching for their Identity and learn about the Truth. This is the redemption for Beit Israel; Acknowledge Messiah savior and keep his covenant, be aware and don’t follow doctrines of men that are like chains binding your feet. but give ear to the Word and let your Heart seek truth and apply this daily.

When you accept Messiah in your Heart he will give you love for His Torah, and it will bind our flesh(religion) to naught.

When Religion will be Abolished we will all know who we Are. Then We will no longer be talking out of flesh, but our Heart will speak.

He will trow away the stone heart and give us a heart of flesh. (Israel has been rebellious throughout the Bible, this is the Heart of Stone)

Mat 10:5-7

These twelve Yahusha sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

A quick last note: Beit Israel first will be gathered together with Beit Yahudah, like in the days of old(when they where one Nation) before the wedding ceremony will begin, The Nation of Israel (The bride prepared for the wedding). This is yet to be seen in the Future..

Shalom in Messiah






Volunteering in Mishan Efal

A beautiful area next to Ramat Gan, originally a old kibbutz that is converted into a community for elderly people and home to some students, from which some live on their own in a apartment and quite a few in a care home (Looks a lot like a Hospital) where I volunteer at.

While helping you will get the change to take care of holocaust survivors and people who fought in the wars during the rise of the state of Israel. Volunteering in Mishan Efal is a rewarding job since you will get a good apartment on a beautiful location and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with everyone else who lives and works in Mishal Efal, and since Israel is very cheap with public transportation going somewhere does not effect your budget to much, but most of all taking your effort to help other people who cannot take care of themselves is one of the tasks in the kingdom of Elohim.

I was able to make friends quickly with some younger and older people who also work at this “community”. I don’t speak Ivriet very well but I was able to communicate speaking English and German and the little Ivriet I can speak, Russian is also spoken by quite a few Russians workers and Polish who live there.

How did I get to work at this place? Via a volunteering organization (HIP) in The Netherlands who connected me with Mishan Efal.

What I needed to volunteer at Mishan Efal? A interview with the organization,and some paperwork showing that I had no criminal records, and had to be officially declared healthy by a doctor. Also a specific insurance which is necessary if you volunteer in Israel.

Website Mishan Efal:

Bney Yosef Congress 2018

We have reached a certain point of recognition between both houses which is slowly progressing.

There is mutual respect however still somethings are unknown and confusing. (Love, the Land, and our Father are our connectors)
We have to keep faith in the Father to follow Him and show that we are prepared to listen to Him at all costs. (He has to be our strength and guide)


We have been talking a lot about raising a Youth group and teach all younger children their Identity factor and love for the Land.

So far motivating the younger people in Identity is a way of living and acting, I have heard Ideas about children books that could explain in a simple way who we are as Ephraim/Israel.
We had great people for the worship team and also for guiding tours etc.. It all went well with joy and in one harmony.
I am happy to see a progression taking place over the last 2 congresses and I cannot wait for many people later to being grouping together in large numbers.

Prayer teams have been active a lot as we are also facing spiritual enemies that try to disrupt the scene.
We had a great worship team the last day… Everybody gets a fair warning to keep on going with seeking the kingdom of the Father.
Keep on exercising faith and reading the scriptures. Sin will not strengthen the body of Messiah towards its purpose, Religion makes us live in bondage, Ha Shatan is the father of lies.

If Elohim is for us who shall be against us? Why should he not give us what we need if Messiah already sacrificed Himself for us for atonement for us breaking His marriage contract?

We are more that Conquerors.. We are more than Conquerors, nothing will separate us from the Father, don’t pay attention to the Distractions of the World, Lets ask for strength and build our relationship with our Creator.. Chazak, Ephraim Chai








Back into Battle

Time has been flying by and I have not had thoughts to write about, However time is changing and so are the events

Lately I been wondering what the present brought us towards the promise and goal The Father instructed us to work on. To be examples of His works in this World, Does that mean we should wonder off into the World to find people to share this message of Salvation with? Maybe yes or maybe not, it depend on your Foundation and relationship with the Father ”that what keeps you going”, because if its the lusts of the Heart.. going out to be a example in the world will end up making You one of them..

The change has to begin with yourself first.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”

Love and Respect are the keys to open many doors, through ”Mutual respect” (If you respect others and they respect you) there is no difference between both parties, and through love you draw each other closer, nothing will hold you back from reaching out to one another.

In cooperation with the Father’s Ruach (Spirit) nothing can stop you from reaching people, However a significant thing we got to be aware of is to be fully submitted to the Father otherwise our flesh could take over and mess up from reaching the goal, Because its not unknown to us as a Human Being to ”try to take it over from the Father”, Submitted means to bury your own Ideas.

What does it mean to fight a spiritual battle? Its all about submitting to the father, I have experienced a few times strong opponents that I could not see/understand, I wondered what attacked me and made me do things I was never vulnerable for. Before I lost myself(Who I was in Messiah), I started to understand this was a Spiritual entity that was trying to break the power that was in me given by Yahusha Messiah. Because I was not using The Authority I was vulnerable. I had to be broken to understand that I was nothing without Him, And once I recognized the Authority to cast out Spirits that was given through Messiah I  started Praying and completely submitted, I started to become stronger and overcame my human flesh through the Gift of Love and forgiveness I broke the Enemies stronghold, because I showed that the one I hated in my flesh was no longer my Enemy, I started praying for that person and playing music dedicated to the Father, and suddenly the enemy inside was broken because it had not power to control me.

Now we are to be the Example of our Messiah/Father not after Flesh but through works of Faith and Obedience and shine His likeness into the World to Believers and non Believers, Judah and Israel, Do not be the guy who says people should change, Bring them Change! Wake up the sleepers and Unity His Bride prepare for the Wedding because when we start preparing the Bridegroom hears the Voice of the Bride!

When we Obey his commands we are a Example to our Brother, don’t tell them they are wrong! Show them what Salvation means!

The body of Messiah should not fight itself<


Writen by: Yahnathan









Report Youth Weekend Ardennes 2017

A Small Report Youth Week Ardennes 2017

With a group of 18 ”Messianic” people (age 16-25) we went for a small holiday trip to the Belgium Ardennes (In regards to privacy no pictures of the group are posted)
We had
a lot of fun and we had a great time together.
At the day of arrival after moving into our rooms and taking a long pause of our 4 hour journey, We headed together for the ”The Bastogne War Museum” and stayed there for some time.

The Bastogne War Museum

Went for a store to buy us food.

Spend a long time in the Supermarket

That night we had a interesting conversation with three of us about ” Who is Israel ” also explaining ”Ephraim and Judah” where.

The next day we rented Mountain bikes and we went on a trip of 3-4 hours, after a little wile we got used to the rhythm, and had some stops along the way to re group.

My Ride

That night we had dances, sung songs together and played group games,  Many stayed up late at night having conversations and sharing things, A good aspect for building a family relationship.
The next day We played several games together, had conversations and headed to Luxembourg where half of the group went bargain/wholesale shopping (its 0-20% + cheaper)

Overlooking all kinds of Alcoholic drinks


The second Last night there was a lot of peace and seemed like a real family atmosphere, a karaoke night was held and many songs were sung and played at the same time, Like songs from Fiddler on the Roof and songs like ”Oneday” (By Matisyahu), and ”Todah” (By Benny Friedman).

One the Final day we had a nice walk at Night while having conversations about ”lost Israel”, not some time later came across a big barn where ”Catholic Scouts” where having a ”party”, we carefully began having conversations about the Bible, while some did not see, some did listen, Prayed that they where going to search out for themselves and that their Eye’s be opened.

Its great to see people come together to do these types of weekends and form a Family, which is very important for newcomers considering that the world has everything to offer except to recognize our Identity and Torah. While walking we learn…

– Yahnathan –

Weekend: 13-17 Juli

Shavuot 2017

Its has been a awesome Shavuot, In The Netherlands 119 ministries organized a event where there where 3 speakers ”Rico Cortes” ”Ryan White” and ”Fred Jacobs” around 450 people showed up to meet together a big part of the participants where camping on the park we met at.

I stayed up several times till early morning to have awesome conversations with other youth, I was invited to be stage/action camera man, I really enjoyed to contribute and learn at the same time.


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The Duration of the Shavuot Event where 3 days.

Everybody is looking forward for the next time. It was great to see so many people come together. The Almighty is certainly waking up people in the churches, I met some people who where just 1 year out of the church already celebrating Shabbat and hungry for more of torah eager to learn..

The biggest revealing part that still has to come by many is the awareness of their Identity. Once they understand the significance of their Identity, there will be so much progress in the plan of redemption of the whole nation of Israel.


Wake Up Ephraim!

A Dutch Secondhand Shop That Gives Their Profit To Holocaust Survivors.

This Dutch shop Called ” L’Chaim to life ” is giving its profit to the Holocaust Survivors. They sell secondhand articles from anyone who is generous to give something to them. They also arrange weekly coffee and tea gatherings in the room next to the store where you can enjoy conversations with like minded and some music, They are also going to possible in the future arrange Hebrew lessons, and bible Teachings.

Israeli Website:

My Impression video of the shop: