A quick journey through my Life


‘I was born in The Netherlands and homeschooled as an only child, growing up with the Shabbat and scriptural feast days’

It’s been an interesting journey, many hardships, struggles with the flesh and letting go of desires. While the Father showed a lot of mercy, compassion and unconditional love.
I have been facing religion in search to find Identity, it has been challenging, and I learned from mistakes like fighting bad with bad, I learned that humans have a choice to make, responsibility for their actions, first for their selves, for the people and for God.
Hurt, bitterness and hate are devastating, engaging and rearranging our emotions and lifestyle. This is why to be cautious which mindset we allow and what spirit we are letting ourselves in with.

I was 3 years when I made a radical decision to be baptized and to choose to live and follow our Fathers instructions. A beginning and a start.
Right around the time I was 4 years old my mom took me along to start helping refugees (mainly Christians) regularly bringing them food from a baker who gave us all the cakes and bread he had left.
While being in the refugee camps often more than 2 days a week I spend time with youth and families sharing their culture and mindset, this would be an experience that I would take with me in my heart. While being with multiple cultures and conflicts among them, I realized racism was present no matter where you went. It was a mindset of people who felt superior or who hated another tribe/ethnicity.
‘Visiting these camps from 3rd my 13th, I got involved in more of the middle eastern culture and their way of thinking. One thing stuck to me the most, that was a common way of observing ‘Observe actions and compare them to what a person said’.’

My mom had the opportunity to share about biblical principles to many of them also Muslims and non-believers. I recall a young man from Iran that lived with us for 5 years, through him and Christian programs with subtitles I was able to understand and speak some English at age 5 (My favorite series where: ‘Little house on the Prairie’ and ‘Story keepers’)
Around that time my parents and I visited Israel for the first time, I felt so much harmony and a strong bond whilst seeing the land from the Bible for the first time, when we landed and stepped out, I instantly felt Home.
When we drove to Jerusalem I wished more than ever that I could stay there. I remember playing around with orthodox children at the playing grounds trying to communicate with them through the little bits of English I knew.
While being there for 8 days we went to visit several historical sites, included the Dead Sea, Masada and the Mount of Olives where we bought a tourist camel ride for a few minutes, that was much fun! (After this wonderful experience it would take 12 years for us to come back again.)

I remember a few years later we visited a building near Rotterdam where Mike Clayton had a presentation about the Two houses, I found this very fascinating, and it would take some more time for me to realize this was the actual goal of the ‘Gospel’ to make them come to live.
Meanwhile, the internet access grew, and I started to write on community websites like Yahspace.us (Not to be confused with ‘Yahsspace’)
Where I found people of my age and even as young as 9 (I was 10 at that time), and started to correspond with them (Some of the people I met and are still Friends), I started to focus more on writing contacts outside my country and was hardly connected back here. This would change once the websites went down and people went on Facebook and other social platforms.

This was also the time I started to have more interest in pagan origins involved in traditions and world powers after reading the book ”Fossilized Customs”
So in curiosity I went and searched after many conspiracy theories, and found out after a while that I was getting more distracted and was no longer focused on His word. I found myself empty and finally gave up everything to God and acknowledged He had all things under control, which gave a lot of comfort.
For a few years of listening to some Messianic Teachers and their studies and meeting them in person, I discovered a lot of people were too much focused on the Teachers and knowledge instead of the compassion and the message to go out to those with no food, to love our neighbor as ourselves. There were many arguments about statements and opinions these Teachers gave, steering up people against each other, I broke contact with a few of them after some discussions.

I have always been inspired by everything that happened in History the people and the battles that had been fought, I grew up with chickens and through observing them for long periods of time out of curiosity, I discovered their sounds and behavior and tried to replicate them in order to try to communicate, sometimes I would be sitting there watching them even for hours, they were my closest friends when I felt lonely.
I was blessed to travel and see many countries in Europe also England, Israel, America and Canada. My most memorable trip must have been to Alaska, it specially was a blessing to meet people there and enjoy its nature.

Update: Currently I have been driving trucks for 1,5 years, and recently started a new study to become a psychosocial counselor.
That was part of my story, If you have questions feel free to ask them! 

Yahnathan H

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