Update on ”About me”

It has been a rollercoaster ride, and because of a lot of past tensions from an identity crisis, I have finally reworked/revised the page ”About me” on Yahnathans blog and added grammar correction.

When I checked out my blog today I felt the message I brought on the ”About me” page was heavily influenced on painful memories of the past, so I completely reworked the emotion driven words and I hope anyone who did read it before did not look at it permanently or as a description of a permanent person. Therefore, is no longer called ”About me” but ”A quick Journey through my Live”.

I want to tell anyone who might have read it, that we should not let our emotions shape who we want to be but focus on everything Yahuah provides for His children(Everything that is good).

Emotions can have so much power because we let them, We can not only allow them to shape us but also multiply the pain by sharing it with other people in the progress. We have to work on our today shaping our tomorrow.

Don’t make the mistake of letting people control your life through emotion or fear, loneliness or suffering.

If you have an issue, try to find out what bothers you, and if you found it do not hide it!

Make it known to yourself, acknowledge the pain you have, this will allow recovery to take over and if you truly feel you cannot do it alone, seek the help of someone you trust and who cares for you.

I hope and wish you a wonderful day, Many blessings and Peace!

Yahnathan H