The Kings Princess

A story based on Biblical history and reality.

Beit Israel a precious princes left her Husbands Kingdom.
Beautiful she was, she desired silver and gold.

Divorced for her disloyalty and exiled; Her heart sought after foreign nations and kingdoms, who offered her precious jewelry and taught her to bow down for wood and gold stone.

She sought after their wealth; sold her soul and her heart became stone.

Her royalty was turned into shame and she was left stranded in a identity crisis.       Her lovers where nowhere to be found.

Empty, tired and frustrated finding herself alone trying to find somewhere she fitted in, like a wanderer forgotten, who she belonged to.

Captured by bandits, she was forced to follow strange doctrines who taught her freedom yet blinded her eyes.

After many years a Shofar was heard and her heart gave ear to Life.

She stood on her feed, traumatized by her oppressors she could not see; though she heard.

Messengers where searching for her worldwide, to proclaim her redemption.
her King had not given up on her, His anger was gone.

Though doubtful and blinded she recognizes his voice;
fighting her blindness she started recognizing the Truth and regained her dignity repenting from her evil ways she had walked.

His messengers brought her a message;
Rejoice! The Kings kingdom is at hand, He renounced ”you are mine”, He will not remember your unfaithfulness; Love him with all your heart and follow his commands, so you will Live.
He had given His live for you, to redeem you from your iniquity against him.

Be ready because we are uncertain when he is returning to bring you to his Palace.

House (Beit) of Israel is another word for the Northern kingdom (10 tribes) who never returned legally to the Land of Israel. They where scattered for their unfaithfulness towards the King. This Present day many of them(Like the sand of the Sea) are still living in Captivity; many not knowing their identity.

Many of them are converted to the Religions of this earth. Yet today many of them are waking up in their Heart, searching for their Identity and learn about the Truth. This is the redemption for Beit Israel; Acknowledge Messiah savior and keep his covenant, be aware and don’t follow doctrines of men that are like chains binding your feet. but give ear to the Word and let your Heart seek truth and apply this daily.

When you accept Messiah in your Heart he will give you love for His Torah, and it will bind our flesh(religion) to naught.

When Religion will be Abolished we will all know who we Are. Then We will no longer be talking out of flesh, but our Heart will speak.

He will trow away the stone heart and give us a heart of flesh. (Israel has been rebellious throughout the Bible, this is the Heart of Stone)

Mat 10:5-7

These twelve Yahusha sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

A quick last note: Beit Israel first will be gathered together with Beit Yahudah, like in the days of old(when they where one Nation) before the wedding ceremony will begin, The Nation of Israel (The bride prepared for the wedding). This is yet to be seen in the Future..

Shalom in Messiah