Bney Yosef Congress 2018

We have reached a certain point of recognition between both houses which is slowly progressing.

There is mutual respect however still somethings are unknown and confusing. (Love, the Land, and our Father are our connectors)
We have to keep faith in the Father to follow Him and show that we are prepared to listen to Him at all costs. (He has to be our strength and guide)


We have been talking a lot about raising a Youth group and teach all younger children their Identity factor and love for the Land.

So far motivating the younger people in Identity is a way of living and acting, I have heard Ideas about children books that could explain in a simple way who we are as Ephraim/Israel.
We had great people for the worship team and also for guiding tours etc.. It all went well with joy and in one harmony.
I am happy to see a progression taking place over the last 2 congresses and I cannot wait for many people later to being grouping together in large numbers.

Prayer teams have been active a lot as we are also facing spiritual enemies that try to disrupt the scene.
We had a great worship team the last day… Everybody gets a fair warning to keep on going with seeking the kingdom of the Father.
Keep on exercising faith and reading the scriptures. Sin will not strengthen the body of Messiah towards its purpose, Religion makes us live in bondage, Ha Shatan is the father of lies.

If Elohim is for us who shall be against us? Why should he not give us what we need if Messiah already sacrificed Himself for us for atonement for us breaking His marriage contract?

We are more that Conquerors.. We are more than Conquerors, nothing will separate us from the Father, don’t pay attention to the Distractions of the World, Lets ask for strength and build our relationship with our Creator.. Chazak, Ephraim Chai








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