Report Youth Weekend Ardennes 2017

A Small Report Youth Week Ardennes 2017

With a group of 18 ”Messianic” people (age 16-25) we went for a small holiday trip to the Belgium Ardennes (In regards to privacy no pictures of the group are posted)
We had
a lot of fun and we had a great time together.
At the day of arrival after moving into our rooms and taking a long pause of our 4 hour journey, We headed together for the ”The Bastogne War Museum” and stayed there for some time.

The Bastogne War Museum

Went for a store to buy us food.

Spend a long time in the Supermarket

That night we had a interesting conversation with three of us about ” Who is Israel ” also explaining ”Ephraim and Judah” where.

The next day we rented Mountain bikes and we went on a trip of 3-4 hours, after a little wile we got used to the rhythm, and had some stops along the way to re group.

My Ride

That night we had dances, sung songs together and played group games,  Many stayed up late at night having conversations and sharing things, A good aspect for building a family relationship.
The next day We played several games together, had conversations and headed to Luxembourg where half of the group went bargain/wholesale shopping (its 0-20% + cheaper)

Overlooking all kinds of Alcoholic drinks


The second Last night there was a lot of peace and seemed like a real family atmosphere, a karaoke night was held and many songs were sung and played at the same time, Like songs from Fiddler on the Roof and songs like ”Oneday” (By Matisyahu), and ”Todah” (By Benny Friedman).

One the Final day we had a nice walk at Night while having conversations about ”lost Israel”, not some time later came across a big barn where ”Catholic Scouts” where having a ”party”, we carefully began having conversations about the Bible, while some did not see, some did listen, Prayed that they where going to search out for themselves and that their Eye’s be opened.

Its great to see people come together to do these types of weekends and form a Family, which is very important for newcomers considering that the world has everything to offer except to recognize our Identity and Torah. While walking we learn…

– Yahnathan –

Weekend: 13-17 Juli