Shavuot 2017

Its has been a awesome Shavuot, In The Netherlands 119 ministries organized a event where there where 3 speakers ”Rico Cortes” ”Ryan White” and ”Fred Jacobs” around 450 people showed up to meet together a big part of the participants where camping on the park we met at.

I stayed up several times till early morning to have awesome conversations with other youth, I was invited to be stage/action camera man, I really enjoyed to contribute and learn at the same time.


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The Duration of the Shavuot Event where 3 days.

Everybody is looking forward for the next time. It was great to see so many people come together. The Almighty is certainly waking up people in the churches, I met some people who where just 1 year out of the church already celebrating Shabbat and hungry for more of torah eager to learn..

The biggest revealing part that still has to come by many is the awareness of their Identity. Once they understand the significance of their Identity, there will be so much progress in the plan of redemption of the whole nation of Israel.


Wake Up Ephraim!