Why living according to the Law is Essential



And I had this very simple revelation I got just recently to explain why it is important,

” Its like going to a driver school ”

Imaging making your efforts of getting your driver license, if you want to start lessons you have to apply for a driving school, and take lessons from there.

When you start driving you are to be expected to have succeeded your Theoretical Examen(or in the process of) and receive guidance by a Instructor, when you start driving you will be corrected and you will have some errors that are being corrected and you will learn from those , but you try your best to not do them and go against the Law or hurt yourself, and later on you will be doing your final examen…

At that moments its all up to you and show how much you have learned from all the tests and rules you obeyed on the road, mistakes will be calculated, to prove if your able to drive safely without the instructor help and still follow the Rules.

Than when you pass your test you will now have your license as prove of your efforts and you know everything of what it means to be on the Road, now its up to you if you keep yourself to all the instructions and Laws..

” When you go over the line you will get a fine, and when you drive 60 mph over the speed limit you lose your license.”

That to me is so much like walking in Faith, You receive a Instructor (Torah ”Instructions”) and you will get your instructions how to live your life as your supposed to. And you will have Messiah to Help you on your way, to receive mercy when you missed the Sign.

However you will face a issue when you go past the guardrail caused by your own fault, It will not help you keep your place as it was, you will have to prove your intentions from your heart where right towards the Judge. And the Judge (Torah now acting as a Judge and Law) will decide if you where wrong in the problem you caused.

” But Officer! The Law was done away with! ”

The Instructor also can be held responsible for the Accident when it did happen because of the lack of right instructions or laziness. Thus everyone will be judged by the same law no matter where they stand.


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