Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding


“The gifts of Elohim”

Why do we always need to seek and go after knowledge and after the inner part of live?

Our Human nature always seeks after what we cannot see, things that we seek after that have not been revealed.

“To seek the Knowledge between Good and Evil”

The Serpent told Chava and Adam back in the Garden that knownledge was to be like Elohim. And that they would know the difference between Good and Evil.
“Knowledge will be revealed to those who seek Elohim” its not for us to find it, Its for Him to reveal it to us when the time is there, He gave His Ruach Ha Kodesh(Spirit Of Holyness) to guide us.

Ecc 1:18 For with much wisdom there is much sorrow; the more someone adds to knowledge, the more someone adds to grief.
Knowledge (Origin: Yadah “To Know” ) shall be increased in the Last days.

Dan 12:4  Now as for you, Daniel, roll up your scroll and seal your words until the time of the end. Many will rush around, while knowledge increases.’”

So how are we to obtain Knowledge?

Pro 23:12 Learn diligently, and listen to words of knowledge.

Pro 19:27 My son, if you stop listening to instruction, you will stray from the principles of knowledge.

Exo 35:31 and he has filled him with the Spirit of Elohim, with wisdom, with understanding, and with knowledge of all kinds of work.

So where do we gain wisdom?
Job 28:20-28

“From where, then, does wisdom originate? Where does understanding live?

21  It has been concealed from the sight of every living creature and hidden even from the birds in the skies.

22  Abaddon and death said, ‘We did hear a rumor about it.’

23  YHUH understands how to get there; he knows where they live.

24  For he looks as far as the ends of the earth and sees everything under the sky.

25  “He imparted weight to the wind; he regulated water by his measurement.

26  He set in place ordinances for the rain; and determined the pathway for thunder that accompanies lightning.

27  Then he looked at wisdom, and fixed it in place; he established it, and also examined it.

28  He has commanded mankind: ‘To fear Elohim—that is wisdom; to move away from evil—that is understanding.’”

If you want to seek any of these gifts, keep reading the word, Seeking His face in Prayer, and keep His instructions and everything will be added.

He will give you everything you need but dont try to look for it yourself in your own wisdom and understanding, because in the end it all will be revealed.

Remember that Daniel was not shown everything:

Daniel 12:8-10

8  “I heard, but I didn’t understand. So I asked, ‘Sir, what happens next?’

9  “He answered, ‘Go on your way, Daniel, because these matters are wrapped up and sealed until the time of the end.

10  Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined, though the wicked will continue to act wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand. Nevertheless, the insightful will understand.


Something I felt I had to write down,though I dont know why.

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Chag Sameach

Chag Sameach! 

That we may remember this Historical day of purification of the Holy Place and the War that was won on the Greeks and our enemies.




And many of the people of Israel determined with themselves, that they would not eat unclean things: and they chose rather to die than to be defiled with unclean meats.


And they would not break the holy law of God, and they were put to death:

What a miracle had happened like in the days of Gideon, How so many where defeated by a much smaller group of people through the Sword and through the mighy hand of the Almighty.

The Maccabees, Movie Online: